Construction Project Management Excel Templates

Construction Project Management Dashboard Excel Template Free

We’ve included brief descriptions of each template to help you find the very best, best way to use them. In this short article, you’ll find an overview of the best Excel construction templates to help you plan, track, and organize your construction projects from start to finish. Monitor tasks across projects and get issues on the spot with a simple form on desktop or mobile.

With Smartsheet you can track each project with its own dedicated project sheet and get a unified overview of all projects in the dashboard. This template will help you establish a comprehensive budget for construction projects and ensure that you take into account the many key points listed. The construction budget template is effective for construction and remodeling projects.

Depending on the type of construction project, there can be numerous bid items that together make up the final bid amount. In addition, while the construction project is underway, use this spreadsheet by default to monitor whether you are above or below your budgeted amounts. A bid tabulation template is an excellent tool for confirming that the final bid amount is being calculated accurately.

For this reason, as well as the fast turnaround time often associated with submitting bids, it is easy to create total errors that can significantly alter the final bid amount and influence the decision of who to award the bid to. It is usually helpful and often essential to request quotes from various contractors or subcontractors for your work that you need to complete. In addition, this Excel template includes a column for your owner’s or engineers’ estimate to evaluate the initial budgeted amount for each bidder’s proposal.

This quote template summary can help you compare all quotes received to make a decision which contractor to choose. Getting multiple bids ensures that you receive the best brand name for your work. For construction projects with subcontractors, monitoring documentation such as contracts, licenses and making contact with details is essential to stay organized.

By listing each contractor with their bid amounts and qualifications, you will quickly review and rank the bids received. Hence, a subcontractor documentation tracker template is effective for gathering all the necessary documentation while keeping key points organized. Depending on the type of project, collecting and submitting documentation from subcontractors may also be a requirement and may lead to project delays if otherwise submitted immediately.

During a construction project, it may be necessary to make changes towards the amount originally contracted or the time to completion based on certain changes such as site conditions, size or unexpected scenarios. Use this template to monitor information about subcontractors, the amount of labor, and contract details. Depending on the length and complexity of the project, it may be necessary to track multiple change orders over the duration of the project.

This contractor change order summary template allows the contractor to provide a description and breakdown of the requested change, and allows you to call and make an informed decision about whether the change is material and who should be responsible for the effect on project budget and timeline. A time and material invoice is advantageous when an emergency or extra job is required during a project. This change order log template can help keep track of change order descriptions, time extensions associated with the updates, as well as the cumulative contract amount.

It allows the contractor and subcontractors to provide fast turnaround time for urgent work while tracking and billing some time and material for his or her. With the help of this time and material invoice template, you can add up the materials used together with a specific format within the hours spent to calculate the total.

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